Replanting forests

Planting trees at a conference

Posted by Martijn on Tue, Oct 18, 2022

Recently I gave a talk at the 2022 Re:factor Conference titled “Tools over Processes over People …or not”. In the course of twenty minutes, I highlighted some potential problems, solutions and my personal experiences.

So how does that fit in with replanting forests?

Well, in these turbulent times of economic woes, rising tensions among nations as well as a global problem called climate change, it is always nice to be able to do something. Thanks to the team over at the Re:factor Conference, I was able not only to give a talk on Agile, but at the same time contribute a little something to the environment.


The team was kind enough to support Tree-Nation in their reforestation efforts by offering to plant 50 trees on my behalf.

So just between me and the other speakers from my company, HCS Company, we already managed to plant some 300 trees!