Healthchecker utility

Posted by Martijn on Mon, Jun 5, 2023


I made a simplistic Go utility that does a HTTP HEAD check to see if a server app is alive. Ideal for in distroless containers in my opinion.

All it does (and likely will ever do) is:

  • Send HTTP HEAD request to a specified URL;
  • On return of HTTP status code 200, exit with value 0;
  • Else exit with value 1;


  • Build it yourself or download a pre-built release.
  • Point it to your server’s URL.


On the commandline:


or in a Dockerfile:

1HEALTHCHECK --interval=5s --timeout=5s --retries=3 \
2    CMD ["/healthchecker", ""]


Source code and issues:


The healthchecker utility is made available under the MPL-2.0 license.

For more information on what that means in detail, you can read the license in full here: