Forking the Frog project

Posted on Fri, 10 Jul 2009 in frog, project, wolf cms by Martijn

´╗┐Yes, you are reading this correctly. I've decided to fork the Frog CMS project. It is with some regret that I do this, but let me explain why I've chosen to go down this route.

I joined the Frog CMS project as a core developer just before version 0.9.3 was released. After evaluating the status of that version, I asked Philippe if I could release that version since he did not seem to have the time. Once 0.9.3 was released, I started to contribute in earnest. At first I just did small bugfixes but it soon became apparent that I was the major driving force behind release 0.9.4. At that time I decided to name myself release manager and I took control of the issue list with support from Philippe.

Together with David and Bebliuc we quickly came to release 0.9.4. During development of 0.9.4, the advantages of removing the front-end/back-end split that was in Frog became apparent. This would allow plugin developers and site developers access to all the goodies provided by Frog's framework.

After some initial testing and some loadtesting, work on release 0.9.5 was started and the front-end/back-end split was removed. This release came into being mostly through my efforts, but of course I also had help from David, Bebliuc and a few people from the community who contributed some patches (for which many thanks!). During all this development of 0.9.5, Philippe was unfortunately and at the time understandably unavailable to help out.

Just before I came to release version 0.9.5, I met up online with Philippe and we discussed his ideas for Frog's future and the changes that had been applied to Frog so far. It soon became apparent that Philippe has a different agenda for Frog in terms of development than I have.

Philippe has indicated on several occasions that he wants to continue with Frog from release 0.9.4, not 0.9.5, thus re-introducing the front-end/back-end split. I respect Philippe's wishes as the project leader/owner of Frog CMS. However, since I use Frog for several sites and I do not agree with the direction of development which Philippe wants to take, I have decided to fork the project.

The forked project will be renamed into Wolf CMS and is started mainly for myself. However, I want it to remain available to the community so I have decided to give the fork its own project website. This website will host a public wiki, forum and blog. The project will make use of Google Code for a subversion repository and for the issue tracking.

I hope you all will understand and respect my decision. Rest assured I did not make this decision lightly. Lastly, I wish the best for Philippe and the Frog CMS project.